Dec. 16, 2022 3:13 PM ET

AGNC Preferreds_ Let's Play Tether Ball (NASDAQ_AGNCL) _ Seeking Alpha

Dec. 07, 2022 10:43 AM ET

Rithm Capital Stock_ The Preferreds Move Better (NYSE_RITM) _ Seeking Alpha

Nov. 30, 2022 3:51 PM ET

Nov. 23, 2022 2:05 PM ET

The Agency Mortgage REIT area benefits from quasi-U.S. government institutional guarantees for asset safety. Two Harbors Investment Corp. is mostly Agency risk today.

When buying Agency REIT risk, there is both the common stock as well as a variety of preferred stocks from which to choose.

While we are firmly anchored in TWO's Preferred-Stock-Harbor today, we keep a watch on the Common-Stock-Harbor for opportunity once Fed Funds hits its peak rate.

The TWO Series C Preferred (TWO.PC) is the best option today, and where we have docked almost 5% of our model portfolio.

Oct. 08, 2022 1:04 PM ET

You take a shot. You miss. Rebound the ball, and you are more likely to score.
We examine how 5 Triple Net Lease REITs active in the 1990s rebounded from the
2001, 2008, and 2020 recessions.
Realty Income, National Retail Properties, Agree Realty, W. P. Carey, and Federal
Realty make up our Triple Net Group ("TNG").
Each recovered well in 2001 and 2008, but 2020 knock-on effects have lingered
into a looming 2023 recession. How will they rebound this time?

Sep. 27, 2022 12:08 PM ET

SFL has held up very well in 2022 just as trade transportation looks to weaken
Does the FedEx warning mean bad times for marine shipping?
Does it even matter when SFL isn't listed in the correct market sector?
One of the least understood stocks should weather the recession from an
operating perspective even as misperceptions threaten the stock price.
We booked profits by selling all our SFL today at better than $9.30 per share for
NLY.PF. We rate SFL a buy at $6.50 or lower.

Sep. 13, 2022 6:56 PM ET

KKR Real Estate Finance Trust is a Commercial Mortgage Real Estate
Investment Trust - a specialized lender to owners of developed real

KREF is more like a Business Development Company (BDC) than a REIT,
but with fewer risks than most BDCs in our opinion.

With the elevated specter of recession on the horizon, is this a preferred
way to invest through a rising interest rate environment?

See why we pick KREF over its closest publicly traded competitors at
Apollo, Ares and TPG.

Sep. 19, 2022 4:08 AM ET

Among the more controversial REITs based on concerns over transparency and
tenant weakness.
Even though analysts are generally Bullish, bears growl loudly over risk and
reporting issues.
We take a deep dive to conclude MPW is far safer than bears claim.
MPW is a Buy today.

Sep. 21, 2022 3:24 PM ET

An industry giant whose price has declined with the overall market.
Insurers like PRU, who focus on life, retirement and asset management, are
supposed to fair better through inflation and recession due to their stability from life
insurance policies/annuities.
Is there opportunity or a further slide ahead?

Sep. 27, 2022 12:43 PM ET

The Market treats this more like a live hand grenade, when in fact it's a bouquet of
floating rate dividends.
The NLY preferred F trades like a low B credit.
But wait. Cash flows are covered more than 50x (after interest expense) with a 6x
equity cushion and scads of REIT net income. How can this be!