You get a whole lot of information at your fingertips with Life UnLocked Partners. Every week, Mark Tennenbaum updates our Rated Securities List covering every security we monitor and other securities we track for opportunities.
  1. Performance of your portfolio(s);
  2. Income you have received so far this year; and
  3. Monthly Reports give you details about the Projected income for the next 12 months
Anytime Mark Tennenbaum trades in his Core Portfolio, he issues a Trade Alert like this one:
These 2 reports are easily found in your Client Experience in the Timeline tab, like this:
Additionally, we summarize a dashboard of what is happening in your portfolio(s) under the Portfolio tab like this:

Each of these summaries can be more deeply explored and they cover:

  1. Overall activity in your accounts;
  2. How you are allocated among stocks, fixed income, alternative investments, etc.;
  3. How your portfolio is performing compared to major indices (you can also look at your risk and return against those benchmarks, too!);
  4. What your Next Twelve Months Income looks like from today;
  5. How much actual income you have received so far this year;
  6. All other transactions in your accounts;
  7. Total gains you have taken and could take; and
  8. What the market is doing by comparison.

After we take you through an account and device security health check and onboarding process, you gain access to our client experience. From the lower right portion of your home page, you can access our full podcast library as well as schedule Zoom 30 minute meetings with anyone on your financial team in addition to all posted alerts and seeing all your reports and account information in one place.

Free tip: for good cybersecurity, we recommend at least the following:

  1. Roboform Everywhere password manager to manage across all devices
  2. NortonLifeLok for all your devices for both account and cyber security. We use the full package that protects identity, ensures security on devices, gives us a VPN for safer surfing when we’re on the road and utilities to keep our laptops fully tuned.

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