New Client Presentation

Our Clients Are A Little More Unique
Not everyone has the standard corporate career. More volatile careers like entrepreneurs/ artists/ athletes and special needs families require a different approach to investing.

We Focus on Clients with Volatile Careers or Special Needs

You will need your investments to smooth job/career/life transitions. We use shortened investment timeline strategies instead “set-it-and-forget-it” approaches
Where special needs are involved, we work hand-in-hand with family members, trustees and other related professionals to ensure investment accountability.

Stay as active as you want through your personal web portal and the information we provide weekly. We are here to help however you need it.

The Investment World
Investing is one
of the most competitive fields on Earth – you have to be in the right race to win

A More Volatile Life Demands
Less Volatile Investing

Entrepreneurs, Athletes, Special Needs & Others don’t fit this model
A more flexible approach serves our clients’ needs better.
Liquid portfolios filled with mature companies who profit-share meaningfully with us through dividends and interest payments

Effective Risk Managers for
these clients must:
Preserve/enhance invested capital via active management and deep research.
Design and implement portfolios to smooth Transition Risk.
Transition Risk

Over time, we transition to new businesses/teams/etc.

Clients should prepare years
in advance for the transition moments in their lives
Investment income improves our clients’ choices when a transition arrives
Our investment portfolio design and advice stays flexible for these and life’s other stressful moments
When you need to make a change, we are ready to help – “luck favors the prepared mind.”
Our team is 100% dedicated to reducing investment risk while growing income through dividends and interest payments
We research and track only those companies who fit our portfolio requirements
Our Coaching Process
  • What are your future versus current cash needs?
  • Do you want us to trade for you (discretionary trading) or do prefer doing it yourself?
  • Do you need a Trust or other legal entity?
Cybersecurity health check:
  • Banking/trading relationships and privacy. We offer suggestions and/or required migrations to ensure a secure relationship.
Financial positioning:
  • By understanding how your plans interact with your current cash flow.
Education/ recommendations:
  • Via podcasts, one-on-one sessions, weekly market commentary and trade alerts on your private portal..
Life Decision Support:
  • Through our investment advisors and net work of independent related professionals.

See your accounts and recommended actions through your private portal on any web browser to:

  • Provide ongoing analysis;
  • Receive updated recommendation and education materials;
  • Schedule private meetings directly with us.
Where We Add Value
Listen First
Your goals, desires and concerns
Access to specialized professionals
For investment and life decisions
Investment Perspective
Core, Expanded and Playground Portfolios
State-of-the-art analysis
For finding value in an ever-changing competitive landscape
Education through Podcasts, Notes and Meetings
To teach clients how to do it all better at their own pace
The Core Portfolio
Investments float up and down with the market.
We act to reduce those risks through our proprietary research.

We find the companies, you get paid, and we monitor each investment for further moves we might recommend

Personalized portfolio of stocks, preferred stocks and bonds that share profits regularly through dividends and interest payments
When we change our view on an investment, you will see that opinion (or action for discretionary accounts) through your private web portal

Diversification and Risk
Because any single business or industry can run into trouble, we target more than 30 different companies across industries to lower portfolio risk.
The economy moves in cycles. We invest in companies that both ride the cycle well and those who require more cyclical trading to capture cyclical profits.
By spreading business risk while requiring meaningful profit sharing, we better stabilize the investment portfolio for planned and unforeseen life events.

Through lower risk Core Portfolios, your next business/project or changing life event is better supported by a regular/growing income stream.

The Playground Portfolio

Need more fun and excitement from alternative investments like NFTs, Cryptos and other more volatile investments?

We recommend taking the amount you would bring to Vegas over a weekend for your Playground Portfolio.
Use a different trading account to keep everything clear. Boundaries are reminders to use caution when crossing.
Discipline – just as discipline brings you business success, investment discipline is a building block to money success.
Keep playgrounds for play.
Everything Else
As your Core portfolio reaches its full target, we next explore opportunities for an Expanded Portfolio: Exotic investments like Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds

If we are not the right expert, we know someone who is:

We refer without any benefit to ourselves and no attachment to whom you may select.
We help with planned and unexpected life events like new careers, marriage, kids, aging parents, special needs and major asset purchases – scenario testing.
Your time is precious. If you give us discretion, we will find and present our solutions for your final approval before implementing.

Who We Are

Mark Stephen Tennenbaum

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
With more than 4 decades investment and operating experience, Mark started his career in the British securities industry (London, UK). There and later in New York, he designed and analyzed derivative securities in addition to cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions for major international clients in consumer goods and financial services.
After leaving the securities industry, Mark acted as Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer and/or Board Director for companies like Virgin, Craig Corporation, Kaiser Group Holdings, Landmark Theatres, SoftAware Networks and FrontBridge Technologies.
A few years after both SoftAware and FrontBridge were sold for $450MM and $180MM, respectively, Mark formed Tennenbaum & Kelly (T&K) to invest in and advise technology start-up companies. T&K is not only the majority owner of Life UnLocked Partners, it also has active investments in cybersecurity, computer aided-music, grass roots car racing software and skin care in addition to mentoring companies at UCLA’s Anderson Venture Accelerator
In addition to his MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, Mark holds a Psychology degree from the Claremont Colleges, Pitzer College, as well as having passed his Series 7 and 65 exams. He started reading Wall Street research reports when he was 13 yrs. old. and has managed publicly traded investments since his early twenties.

Lela Kelly

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
A veteran of national law firm, Jones, Day, Lela has practiced both corporate and family law in her career before starting Tennenbaum & Kelly (“T&K”) with Mark in 2011. After graduating from USC, she received her law degree from UCLA. At T&K, Lela serves as inhouse counsel for several T&K investments. From 2011, T&K has invested in and advised start-up businesses ranging from skin care to email security. Currently, they are active in or committed to 5 private investments, none of which are being offered to any Life UnLocked Partners clients through our service.

What We Charge
Discretionary Annual Asset/Account Monitoring Fee


on dollars $1 through $500,000 paid monthly


on dollars $500,001 through 1,500,000 paid monthly


on dollars above $2,500,000 paid monthly


on dollars in excess of $4,500,000 and above paid monthly

Other Fees:

  • Extended one-on-one financial coaching with Mark at an hourly rate of $300, charged in
    15-minute increments for any part of an hour.
  • Life Decision Support with our in-house
    expert, Lela, at an hourly rate of $500, charged in 15-minute increments for any part
    of an hour.

Third Party Fees:

  • You may incur additional fees from your bank, brokerage account, accountant, tax preparer, insurance carrier or other service we do not directly provide.