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Lela Kelly, Esq.,

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

Lela Kelly, Esq., holds dual roles as Legal Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Life UnLocked Partners. With over 15 years of corporate law experience, she obtained her BA from the University of Southern California and her JD from UCLA School of Law.

In her capacity as Legal Counsel, Lela provides expert legal guidance to the firm on various matters, including contract negotiations, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property issues. Her deep understanding of the legal landscape allows her to offer insightful advice tailored to the firm's unique needs and challenges.

As the Chief Compliance Officer, Lela oversees the development and maintenance of compliance policies, ensuring firm-wide adherence to regulations. She manages regulatory filings, stays informed on regulatory developments, and provides compliance training to employees, ensuring the highest ethical standards are upheld within the firm.

In addition to her roles at Life UnLocked Partners, Lela serves as in-house counsel for several investments at Tennenbaum & Kelly, a company she co-founded with Mark Tennenbaum in 2011. The firm advises start-up businesses in various sectors and is currently involved in five private investments, none of which are offered to clients of Life UnLocked Partners.

Prior to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Lela began her legal career at national law firm, Jones Day. Outside of her professional endeavors, she dedicates her time to guiding families with special needs, not only in navigating legal processes but also in directing them to other vital resources such as educational, medical, and insurance services.

Beyond work, Lela enjoys adventure travel. Originally from Cebu City, Philippines, she is a proud mother of three children: her eldest daughter works as an architectural designer, her second daughter is applying to law school, and she shares her home with her 11-year-old son.