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About Us

Unlock Your Investment Potential with Our Exclusive Securities Research and Analysis

At Life UnLocked Partners, we recognize the significance of personalized wealth management. Our seasoned team of financial specialists is dedicated to assisting you in making well-informed investment choices that align with your individual objectives and ambitions. By conducting thorough in-house analysis, we eliminate the reliance on costly mutual funds and ETFs, ensuring that your portfolio mirrors your distinct values and priorities.

Transparency and autonomy are at the core of our philosophy. Through our proprietary analysis, we empower you to confidently navigate the financial landscape, equipping you with the insights, direction, and encouragement necessary for enduring success. Bid farewell to concealed fees and generic investment approaches – it's time to embrace the tailored approach that sets us apart. Collaborate with us and uncover the reassurance that arises from entrusting your investments to capable, attentive professionals.

Why Us?

Investing is Hard
  • Money fuels our material existence
  • Even when our spirits are full, we need money for the bills
  • Investing for the future is complicated
  • Evolving careers, life events and priorities cloud the future
  • Complex investment vehicles can be hard to understand
  • How we approach investing today impacts our tomorrows

Solid Strategy + Professional Execution = Brighter Future

How We Make It Easier
  • Single Investment Perspective
  • Invested Alongside Clients
  • Speak Directly with Experts
  • Secure Accounts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Made for the Modern World
  • Time-Tested Values
  • A Strategy Tailored For You
Single Investment Perspective
Nobody is an Expert at Everything
  • We mine our obsession for dividend stocks that reduce our risk
Our Analytic Perspective
  • While no one can guarantee future results, proper value investing has worked for decades
  • We search for value others miss
  • Diversifying with balance for more stable returns
Great investors like Charlie Munger, Ray Dalio and Michael Tennenbaum:
  • Screen with a single set of values
  • Rely on disciplined analysis
  • Invest in businesses they understand
We agree:
  • Mark Tennenbaum is our Chief Investment Officer
  • Mark and Michael have been discussing investment analysis for five decades
  • Mark focuses on risk containment for the returns we expect

Value Investing for Reduced Risk

Invested Alongside Clients
We Own About the Same Securities as Our Clients
  • We’ve been investing this way for decades
  • When we all hold similar investments, our interests are better aligned
Our Diverse Experience Brings Value
  • From Wall St. to Main St.
  • Experience in most industries in which we invest
  • Deeper understanding of industry-specific issues
  • We break it down from finance speak to plain speak.

We Sail Together

Speak Directly with Experts
No Management Layers
  • Schedule up to 30 minutes a month with any expert on your account
  • Our experts want to know your goals/needs
  • Investing alongside our experts keeps everyone better aligned
Education at Your Speed
  • Podcast library with basic and advanced topics
  • Weekly notes to all clients
  • Regular investment security ratings
  • Trade Alerts whenever we trade for ourselves and/or clients

More Meaningful Interactions

Secure Accounts
Security Matters
  • Our capital demands quality protection
  • We bring 20+ years of cyber-security experience
  • Two account set-up eliminates many types of fraud
  • You have one account with us and one account with our custodian (Charles Schwab)
  • Ensures you know exactly what you own anytime on any day – strict accountability
  • We leverage best of breed security
  • 2-factor authentication (“2FA”)
  • High security storage vault for sensitive documents

Privacy & Protection

No Hidden Fees
We only charge a monthly management fee
  • No brokerage fees
  • No custodial fees
  • No wrap-fees
  • No sales commissions
  • If we get it for free, you get it for free
We charge only for the value we provide
  • All our investment advisory agreements are monthly – we earn our clients every day
  • Keeps us better focused
  • Our management fee reflects our better results

Quality & Transparency

Made for the Modern World
Secure digital ecosystem
  • We’ve operated digitally for many years across our businesses
  • From Docusign to Zoom, do it all at your convenience
Employing the latest proven tools
  • Whether emerging technology or investment theory, we evaluate it all
  • Disciplined analysis before buying innovation
  • Avoiding the riskiest investments (NFTs, Cryptos, SPACs, etc.)

Employing the latest proven tools

Time-Tested Values
Value investing demands deeper knowledge
  • We buy only companies with sustainable business models who profit-share with us through dividends
  • Beyond stock price movements – we look for established businesses
  • One company at a time – we do not buy entire sectors
  • Management counts – we invest in talented, experienced teams
Analysis deeper than data
  • We start with a view on the overall economy; then
  • Evaluate various industries for future performance; before
  • Screening for companies who meet our requirements: Quality management
  • Meaningful profit-sharing
  • Sustainable futures

Employing the latest proven tools

A Strategy Tailored For You
Your needs and goals factored into our portfolio design
Drawn from the same securities we own in our personal accounts
Selected from from the more than 500 securities we follow
Proprietary Research
  • Over four decades analyzing individual companies
  • Fundamental value investing principles
  • Regularly publish updates to our clients
Better Advisor/Client Alignment
  • We start with a view on the overall economy; then
  • Evaluate various industries for future performance; before
  • Screening for companies who meet our requirements: Quality management
  • Meaningful profit-sharing
  • Sustainable futures

Employing the latest proven tools

Client-Focused Practice
  • Single Investment Perspective
  • Invested Alongside Clients
  • Speak Directly with Experts
  • Secure Accounts
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Made for the Modern World
  • Time-Tested Values
  • A Strategy Tailored For You

Our Process

Our team understands the different milestones of life, and the challenges they bring. We work to ease the stress of each transition using our years of experience, research, and resources alongside your values and desires, to design a successful plan of action.
To create your comprehensive wealth plan, we must first gain insight into your financial needs and goals. This involves listening more than we talk and asking incisive questions to better understand your life and the things that matter most to you.
Next, we gather and review all relevant information, including bank records, financial statements, and tax and estate planning documents, to help us better understand where you are now financially relative to where you want to be.
Advise and Implement
The next step is to work together to develop a long-term plan that’s aligned with your financial needs and goals. We then collaborate with the other members of your wealth management team—for example, your CPA and estate planning attorney—to seamlessly implement your financial plan.
Monitor and Evolve
The process doesn’t end once we implement your plan. Instead, we continually monitor your progress to ensure you remain on track towards your financial goals. In addition, we proactively recommend updates to your financial plan and investment strategy as your circumstances change and tax laws and market conditions fluctuate.

We are Fee-Only Advisors

At Life UnLocked Partners, we prioritize transparency and trust in client-advisor relationships. As fee-only investment advisors, our interests align with yours. We don't accept commissions, ensuring unbiased advice solely focused on your best interests. Our upfront fee disclosure underscores our commitment to transparency. Operating under a fiduciary standard, we're legally bound to prioritize your interests. We foster long-term relationships, prioritizing growth and stability over short-term gains. Trust Life UnLocked Partners for impartial, transparent guidance to achieve your financial goals.
Fee Structure Fee-Only Advisors Wrap Fee Advisors Commission-Based Advisors
Fee-type Flat fee (hourly, retainer, or percentage of assets under management) Wrap fee (single fee for bundled services) Commission on product sales
Cost Typically lower, around 1-2% of assets under management for LUL Moderate, typically around 3% Higher, depending on products sold including mutual funds (up to 5% of more)
Fee Clarity Transparent, easily determine upfront Semi-transparent, bundled fee may obscure individual costs Variable, commissions can be unclear and hidden
Potential Conflicts Minimal, advisor’s interest aligned with clients Moderate, incentives for selling in-house products Highest, may prioritize product sales over client interests
We focus on Comprehensive Wealth Management.
- Mark Tennenbaum
Our Team

Meet Our Team of Friendly Professionals

Team Member

Mark Tennenbaum

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
Team Member

Lela Kelly, Esq.

General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
Team Member

Aleks Kelly

Vice President of Client Relations
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