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Aleks Kelly

Vice President of Client Relations

Aleks, our Vice President of Client Relations, brings a client-centric approach and an unwavering focus on detail to his role. With a solid foundation in finance, sales, and client relations, he excels in cultivating strong connections with our clients and devising customized solutions to assist them in reaching their financial objectives.

Before joining Life UnLocked Partners, Aleks refined his expertise in the luxury automotive sector, catering to affluent clients in search of top-tier vehicles. This background has bolstered his capacity to comprehend and cater to the distinct needs and preferences of discerning clients when making significant financial choices.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Economics from California State University, Northridge, Aleks combines his academic background with diverse experience in finance and luxury sales. This fusion equips him with a comprehensive understanding of client relations and a unique perspective.

In his capacity as Vice President of Client Relations, Aleks is committed to nurturing strong bonds with our clients, leveraging his personal and professional journey to ensure they receive tailored guidance and expertise. He excels in articulating complex financial concepts with clarity and remains dedicated to staying abreast of industry developments.

With a steadfast focus on personalized service, expert advice, and genuine dedication to client success, Aleks is devoted to unlocking the full potential of our clients' capital and guiding them through the intricacies of investment. Beyond work, he finds joy in embarking on adventures with his significant other and their three children, alongside their two feline companions – Archie the Ragdoll and Theodore the British Shorthair.