About Us


Every entrepreneur and pro athlete risks everything on themselves for success. With success also comes the creeping uncertainty of what to do next. That’s where Life UnLocked Partners (LUL) lives.
LUL is a registered investment advisor specializing in entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and anyone who finds they have to change careers because they were successful. Unlike the thousands of traditional investment advisors recommending 20 to 30-year investment time horizons, we manage for those more critical career transitions and life events through listening, financial coaching and investment advice before “what’s next” overtakes us.
Mark Tennenbaum, our CEO, discovered this key insight when he completed the sale of a profitable internet company in 2001 where he had served as their Chief Financial Officer. After the deal, Mark invested all his after-tax proceeds in publicly traded stocks that both:
Shared profits in a meaningful way through dividend policy; and
Reduced the risk of that portfolio to less than the standard market risk.
By replacing 50% of his previous salary with dividends from his publicly traded portfolio, Mark was able to co-found a tech start-up that was sold to Microsoft five years later while also taking care of a home mortgage, two kids in school and a spouse who worked part time. While the kids are now grown and out of the house, he has managed his investment capital this way ever since.

Life UnLocked Partners (LUL)

In 2021, Mark Tennenbaum and Lela Kelly created Life UnLocked Partners to provide specific advice, research, one-on-one consulting and learning resources tuned for entrepreneurs and professional athletes. By building portfolios with greater financial flexibility and income performance, our clients can choose from a wider set of career options. That makes for a happier life in our opinion.

How do we do this?

  1. State-of-the-art tech under the hood:
    1. We’ve partnered with leading fintech companies for security, data feeds and efficiency to bring secure investment solutions and communications;
    2. In addition to website access for client accounts, we also provide a state-of-the-art app; and
    3. We evaluate new client cybersecurity and identity risks as part of our Onboarding Checklist.
  2. Consistent Investment Perspective:
    1. Mark Tennenbaum, our CEO, relies on his decades of investment experience, analysis, research and training in value investing, derivatives and related investment issues to oversee all research and analysis;
    2. LUL publishes Trade Alerts anytime Mark Tennenbaum makes a trade in his Core Portfolio; and
    3. LUL publishes a Recommended Securities List on at least a weekly basis that tracks every traded security that we monitor in both client accounts and as investment opportunities.
  3. Exclusive Podcast Library:
    1. You’re busy and on the move a lot, so we continue to add to our series of 10-15 minute podcasts on a variety of investment topics available to our clients 24/7/365. Check out some free podcasts here. We add to the library every month.
    2. If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, we’ll cover it and even invite you onto the podcast.
  4. Tailored solutions, monitoring and reporting:
    1. You also get 30 minutes each month for one-on-one consulting to discuss your portfolio or anything. Unused minutes rollover to the next month until the end of the contract;
    2. We analyze your portfolio each week for recommended changes;
    3. We provide a monthly snapshot to see how you are doing in addition to daily updates on your app;
    4. You don’t have to move your existing accounts. We are ideal for providing accountability between you and your existing investment advisor/broker/custodian; and
    5. If you want/need new accounts, we have relationships with Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab on terms we pass long to you without any benefit for us. We like to have at least one other institution involved to improve accountability between us and your other financial relationships.
  5. A lifetime Relationship
    1. We are here for you in this career, the next and beyond...